Vision Illuminates Purpose


Outside of knowing what your purpose in life is, you need a vision of how you are going to fulfill that purpose. By the time Walt Disney World had its grand opening, Walt had already passed away, however his brother attended the grand opening. A reporter said to Walt’s brother, this must be a bitter sweet moment for you.

Why do you say that? said Walt’s brother. The reporter replied, because Walt’s not here to see this. What Walt’s brother said next was so profound. He replied by saying;
Sir, that is why you are a reporter of the news and not a creator of the news. What you need to know is that Walt already saw it! And that is the only reason you are seeing it today.

Imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions. ~ Albert Einstein

Talent and Skill Will Never Be Substitutes for Each other

You will never fail at anything you enthusiastically desire due to lack of talent. Your desire exists because the talent is already inside of you and it’s seeking to fully express itself. Meaning, all you have to do is have enough faith and trust in yourself to release it. Your desire is the portal through which your inborn talents find their way into the outer world.

My experience in management and leadership has taught me that many people believe talent and skill are the same thing. They are two words with completely different meaning.

Once you understand the true meaning and relationship between the two, you will want to properly introduce them to each other in your mind and watch them become great friends. In the future they will spending oodles of time together.

Think of talent as being like nature and skill being like nurture. If you drop the letter “e” off the end of the word nature and add the letters “al” the word nature becomes the word natural. That is exactly what talent is. It comes naturally.

Everyone has special talents that can be molded and shaped; They are just not realized until they intersect with a corresponding purpose that yearns for fulfillment. Even though the gift of talent comes naturally it’s not enough to make you successful.

Emile Zola said, the artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work. The work is where the skill comes in. Skill is an ability that is learned and applied with enthusiasm and dedication. Through practice and repetition, you hone your skill.

While talent and skill will never be substitutes for each other, Skill can be further refined through its interaction with your talent. Talent is a great foundation upon which to build your skill set. Together they can accomplish what neither one could do on its own.

Picture in your mind, the casing or cartridge that fires a bullet from a gun. The casing is constructed in three distinct and equally important parts. The critical primer, the crucial propellant and the lead tip which is the actual bullet. The trigger activates a spring-loaded mechanism that drives a metal firing pin into the back of the bullet, igniting the explosive charge in the primer. The primer in turn ignites the gun propellant which is the main explosive that launches the bullet from the barrel of a gun.

Now, let’s use that description as an analogy for talent and skill. Talent is the pulling of the trigger. Skill is the loaded mechanism that drives the firing pin into the back of the bullet. The result of talent and skill working together is what causes the explosion of your potential that fires the bullet from the gun. The bullet is the action you take to accomplish something. The gun is your body and mind. This is a great analogy of the power and momentum you can get by combining your talent with skill. Talent can hit a target at close range, but if you want to shoot at a long-range target you need the strength and velocity that only talent and skill together can give you.

With your faith, enthusiasm, intention, expectation and desire you can create a crystal clear and magnificent vision that illuminates your purpose. And with your talent and your skill you can craft a plan of action that will guide you navigating the pathways to success…
The only question is; Will all this wisdom help you achieve your dreams?

This is how I answer that question

High above a village, at the peak of a mountain, lived a wise old man. When anybody living in the valley below had a puzzling question, or needed help solving a problem they would go to the wise old man on the mountain top. The wise old man with all his infinite wisdom would provide an answer or a solution.

Two boys living in the valley below, decided one day that they were going to go to the wise old man and the where going to prove him wrong. One boy said to the other, we’re going to go to the wise old man with this baby hamster cupped inside my hands. I’m going to say, wise old man, I have baby hamster in my hands. Is the hamster alive or is it dead?

If he says the hamster is dead, I’ll un-cup my hands and show him the baby hamster is alive and well. The old man will be wrong. If he says the hamster is alive, I will crush it inside my hands and when I un-cup my hands the baby hamster will be dead. Either way, we’ll prove him wrong. The two adventurous boys made the trek to the top of the mountain. They met the wise old man and they said, wise old man. I have this baby hamster cupped in my hands, is it among the living or is it dead?

The enlightened old man paused and he thought about it. After some time, he finally breaks the silence. He looks the boy in the eye and responds by saying…The answer is in your hands.

Will the information I’ve shared with you today, work for you?

The answer is in your hands.



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