Para-noia Will Destroy Ya…Pro-noia Will Restore Ya

Optimist Prime

There Is No Future in The Past. People who live there will die there unless they get out and learn to live in the present. Even in the present we must strive to avoid negative thinking. Because making a habit of negative thinking creates ruts in the brain and the only difference between this sort of rut and a grave site are the dimensions. Zig Ziglar use to call it stinkinthinkin. I have a solution to this problem, let me explain it to you.

I know people who are always looking on the bright side of things. The glass is always more than half full, it’s overflowing. If someone gives them lemons they make lemonade. I’m certain you’re familiar with the sort of people I’m talking about. If the soles of their shoes wore completely through they would be excited because they were back on their feet. Speaking of feet, what about the boxer who spent so much time on his back when fighting in the in the ring, that he started selling advertising space on the bottom of his shoes. This kind of person thinks of problems as opportunities or what I call problotunities.

I have a nickname for these people that specialize in displaying enthusiastic optimism. I call them “Optimist Prime.” Because the word prime literally means; “of the first importance; demanding the fullest consideration; prime requisite; of the greatest relevance or significance.” In other words, Optimism is of the greatest significance, it is of the upmost importance in achieving the greatest levels of success.

Pronoia Will Restore Ya

Pronoia is another great word to put at the top of your list of most used words. You have heard people say that paranoia will destroy ya. The opposite of that would be Pronoia will restore ya. The word pronoia is described as the opposite state of mind to paranoia. Many have leaned on this word to define a philosophy that the planet as assembled to purposefully and secretly benefit those that choose to tap into its almighty capacity. A grand conspiracy to guide the individual towards success. This philosophy has been taught by many people such as Paul J. Meyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill and many other classic educators of success principles.

W. Clement Stone, was often described as a reverted contrarian paranoid, or more commonly known is his language as an inverse paranoid. Instead of believing the entire planet was always fraudulently planning to conspire against him. He chose to believe the world had gathered its forces on his behalf, and was continuously using those forces in his favor. His thoughts and emotions were harmoniously meshed to produce feelings that were always in support of his expectations. His expectations that the world was plotting to do great things for him and thus, great things were always in bloom.

To follow in Mr. Stone’s footsteps will require you to practice holding the belief that when you regularly hold positive specific intentions and strong expectations for your intentions to be fulfilled, you create the capacity for those great things to be attracted into your life. Instead of seeing a challenge as a negative, you see it as a magnet for opportunities and you begin searching for them. Seek and you shall find.

Success would be a lot easier and approach you at greater speeds if you were regularly expecting the world to advocate and promote your ambitions while eagerly supplying you with everything you need to accomplish your dreams. There is such an abundance of scientific and spiritual research supporting the almighty influence of intention and expectation. The remarkable evidence of this ever expanding truth has led many great leading authorities from past centuries and the present to declare intention and expectation universal laws of prosperity.

Here are some common traits of Optimist Prime

  • You know your why. Your purpose in life.
  • A vision that is aligned with your purpose.
  • Expanding emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Self-confidence
  • Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Looks for opportunities in everything.
  • Knows that everything matters.
  • Exercises daily.
  • Committed to life-long learning.
  • Practices gratitude daily.
  • Action oriented.

And last but not least Optimist Prime consistently uses the powerful forces of intention and expectation. The dominating personal vibrations of positive expectancy that successful people radiate, attracts to them like a magnet, the very experiences they first created and held in their mind.

Whatever feed your conscious mind long enough, your subconscious mind will grab ahold of and seek to manifest that into its physical equivalent. ~ Napoleon Hill



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