The Power of Imagination and Belief

Roger New That Impossible Really Meant I-M-Possible or I Am Possible

No one in history had ever run a mile in four minutes. When Roger Bannister got off the plane in Helsinki Finland to represent the USA in the 1952 Olympic games, he was in fantastic physical condition. He expected to win and win he did. He set a record in the 1500 meters yet he walked away disappointed because the accomplishment he took back to America was not the one he wanted the most. 1500 meters is very close to the equivalent of one mile. Roger had a dream of being the first person in the world to run a recorded mile in four minutes. He left Helsinki determined to keep training harder and pushing himself further and further to the realization of his dream. He wrapped his PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) around his desire and in his mind, his heart and his soul, he claimed a future victory in advance. Like a king.

On May 6th 1954 Rogers dream came true when he ran his fastest race ever and crossed the finish line with recorded time of three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. Roger Bannister became the first person in the world to break the four-minute mile. This feat had never been accomplished by anyone and the opinions of conventional wisdom at the time, suggested that the human heart and other areas of the body could not withstand such a feat. Many even said that pushing the human body to such limits could lead someone to their grave. But Roger new that impossible meant, I-M-Possible or I am Possible.

Roger Bannister would not accept the personal humiliation of settling for a smaller dream. He knew in his mind it could be done and his thoughts meshed with supporting emotions to produce a feeling that was so powerful it would never be surprised. He turned those feelings lose, he set them free with the grace and speed of a wild gazelle. Even though others said it could not be done, he knew and believed differently. His intention and expectation, together with his faith and belief created an outcome that defied all the odds and made him the champion of his dreams. Breaking the four-minute mile seemed amazing to the world of sports.

However, what began happening only six weeks later was even more phenomenal. A runner in Australia beat Roger Bannisters record. And in less than a year it happened again and again until twenty people had broken the four-minute mile. Today it has become common place for athletes in high school to run the mile in four minutes or less. Currently the record for the fastest mile is held by Hicham El Guerrouj with a time of three minutes and forty-three seconds.

What happened to us? Did the human species get an instantaneous software upgrade that gave us faster speeds? The obvious answer to that question is of course, no. The only difference was the changes in belief, the intention, the expectation and the attitude these athletes. When Roger Bannister achieved his dream and set a new record, he enabled others to dream bigger and redefine their own beliefs. They came to believed they could achieve at a higher level, and they did.

What is your proverbial four-minute mile? What beliefs are holding you back? Is your limiting belief real, or imagined? What you think about is what comes about. If you want bigger results you have to think bigger, dream bigger and believe bigger. Imagination is limitless and so is success. Conceivability and believability can upgrade Possibility to a probability. Action-ability exercises your capability and turns your probability into obtainability. All of this leads to achievability and Last but not least, achievability can lead to credibility and credibility can be leveraged into profitability.

What are you capable of accomplishing? You can be anything, do anything and have anything you want if you are willing to change the way you think and develop some new habits. Are you willing invest the time and effort into yourself to grow more. Your outer world will never out-grow your inner world. If you sincerely desire to become more on the outside than you must become more on the inside. You can always have more because you can always be more.

A Touch of the Masters Hands

We have to go back many years ago to this small town in Germany, there was this little old man and all he had in his possession was a fiddle and a bow. He hadn’t eaten in days and was starving. He heard about this auction that was going on in town and he thought maybe if he could get to the auction in time, he could sell his fiddle and bow and use the money to buy food.

He walked for many miles, mile after mile. Finally, he got to the auction just as they were getting ready to close the auction. He worked his way through the crowd until he reached the platform where the auctioneer was standing. He tugged on the auctioneer’s pant leg and said Mr. auctioneer, before you adjourn, all I have in this world is this fiddle and this bow. I was hoping someone would want to buy it so I could feed myself. I have not eaten in 3 days.

The auctioneer took the fiddle and the bow, stepped to the microphone and said, ladies and gentlemen. Before you leave, I’ve just been handed this fiddle and this bow. Let the bidding begin. The bids started coming. Ten cents over here, fifty cents over there, seventy-five cents from across the room and the bidding stopped at seventy-five cents.

Now the auctioneer was about to put the gavel down for the third time, when the little old man approached the platform once again. He walked up onto the platform and approached the auctioneer. He said just one moment please, can I have my fiddle and bow back?

The auctioneer hands the fiddle and the bow back to the old man. The old man took out his hanky and he polished that beautiful fiddle and cleaned off the bow and he held it up and played the most beautiful music that town had ever heard. And when he was done, he handed it back to the auctioneer.

The auctioneer took the bow very gingerly. With a tremendous amount of respect and pride in his voice he stepped to the microphone and said, Ladies and gentlemen. What is your bid for this beautiful fiddle and this magnificent bow? The bidding began. One thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, and bids went all the way up to seven thousand five hundred dollars.

Now, my question to you is simply this. What was the difference between that seventy-five cent fiddle and bow, and the seven thousand five-hundred-dollar beautiful fiddle and magnificent bow?

The difference was the touch of the master’s hands. And what is the difference between where you’re currently at today and where you ultimately dream to be? It’s nothing more than the touch of YOU! The touch of your hands. You’re creating a movie of your life, you are the star and the producer. You are the master of your destiny, you create it all with the touch of you, the master’s hands.



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