The business demand for coaching is nearly doubling each year. Out of the $80 billion being currently spent on corporate education, FLI Research estimates that $2 billion is spent on executive coaching at senior executive levels in Fortune 500 companies. ~ Business Wire

Results of the latest research shows that 80% of all Fortune 500 companies hire outside coaching services to come in and coach their managers at every level. The results are increased levels of influence in leadership and increased levels of creativity in marketing and innovation. This ultimately leads to an uptick in morale and an environment that further fosters increased productivity, more sales, and a brighter bottom line that displays bigger profits.

The demand for executive and managerial business coaches is greater now than any other time in history. With business bolting forward at the speed of sound, everything and everyone going mobile, jobs shifting due to fluctuating and evolving environments, and very little general or specialized in-house training. Leaders throughout the organization are grappling with changes. Consequently, business and all categories of organizations are left with a void needing to be filled with coaching, training and leadership advice that will enable organizational leaders to confidently help their team navigate their people through the challenges of today.

Through Success YOUniversity I am teaching the latest success principles and leadership strategies that take productivity and all-around performance to new levels. We provide coaching and training programs designed to educate, equip and empower people using the latest techniques and building blocks. Our aim is to help you and your organization discover and unfold more potential and more ability to unleash that powerful potential into your organization.

Jack Welch says that an organizations ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage. Investing in a success coach is one surefire way to accomplish this goal. The growth of your organization is gaged by the growth of its leaders and in turn the growth of the people throughout the organizational structure. We teach leaders how to influence others, and influence is exactly what leadership is all about.

The first step is a gap analysis that defines two very important things. Where you are now, and where you want to be once you have achieved your goal. Then we develop a strategy to fill in the gap. A custom built strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Executive Coaches are everywhere these days. Companies hire them to shore up executives or, in some cases, to ship them out. Division heads hire them as change agents. Workers at all levels of the corporate ladder are enlisting coaches for guidance on how to improve their performance, boost their profits, and make better decisions about everything from personnel to strategy. ~ TIME Business News


Through the Process You Can Expect

  • To become a more advanced leader by further developing your leadership and coaching toolkit.
  • Personal transformation. Deep dive learnings about yourself, how others perceive you and areas of opportunity for continued growth.
  • Developing future leaders for the organization. And in the process you will see greater productivity, faster promotions, and bigger profits.
  • Leading change with precision to create high performing, results driven organizations.
  • Learning how to integrate the new you into your people with finesse. Exercise your newly acquired coaching skills with a contagious conviction.
  • Further create an organizational culture that values learning, coaching and continuous improvement.

In the realm of improving human performance we look at some of the most commonly used practices. The top four are Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Therapy. Let me explain the significant differences.

Coaching: Is a powerful synergistic relationship between a life or business coach and a client, that facilitates a deeper activation of the faculties and functions of the mind and body. Allowing them to raise their level of self-awareness and connect with previously unrecognized potential. Just like professional athletes would quickly shun the thought of training without the wisdom, objectivity and unwavering dedication and support of an athletic coach.

An experienced coach can help you uncover and discover the missing links and the blind spots that everyone falls victim too from time to time. A great coach has many tools that you can use to become self-aware of the disconnects between your inner reaches, and your outward desires, and make the connections that can lift you to new heights.

Consultant: Someone who considers themselves an expert in a particular area of interest. Someone who employs various assessment tools to diagnose and prescribe next steps based on the outcome of those assessments. Much like psychiatry where they diagnose, and prescribe treatments for your problems.

Trainer: Someone that shares knowledge and teaches skill sets. Their training is focused answering the how questions.

Therapist: While the trainer is focused on the how to, the therapist is focused on the why. They concentrate on helping people solve emotional, inner-personal and relationship or social issues. This is more like psychology. Meaning they guide you along a path of discovery enabling you to help yourself find the answers to your questions about yourself and your world as well as how you will address those issues. This is a distinct departure from a psychiatrist who says they figured it out for you and then they tell you how to fix it.

Coaching, similar-to the psychology approach is the most powerful way to go for executives and business owners. Because no one knows more about you and your areas of opportunity for growth than you do. That means that somewhere inside you is all the information you need, regarding the changes you want to make. Albert Einstein said that problems cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created them. A coach enables you to access a different level of thinking that brings awareness to personal insight that was previously not seen. The answers to most of life’s challenges are found inside the challenge itself. The solution is buried inside the challenge and a great coach will employ their guidance and coaching tools that will enable you to illuminate the necessary pathways in your mind. The pathways that lead you to you to winner’s circle.

Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff from the coaching they got… managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies. ~ FORTUNE Magazine



Enhance the Present Culture of The Organization

As a leader, it’s difficult to see the whole forest when you’re standing in the middle of it. It’s wise to engage a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the current culture of your organization. Having an outsider give you their fresh perspective can be very beneficial. Their assessment is completely organic and they have a plethora of strategies and tools that can induce fantastic cultural shifts.

Realignment of culture is a matter of organizational shifting that begins with clarifying purpose, vision, and making sure it is amplified by a focused mission statement. Then we start identifying commonalities within behaviors and policies that may be out of alignment with the organizations purpose, vision and mission statement. These and other disconnects are what enable a culture that is counter to the desired environment.

Executive coaches are for people who value straight forward feedback. Being ruthlessly results-oriented is one thing that all great coaches have in common. Your honesty with yourself and your coach combined with insight form feedback will open doors for you to learn new ways to enable your team to expand their potential and their ability to support the goals of the organization. This also shrinks attrition and attracts retention of talent and skill.

One technique that I teach is called Dream-work Fuels the Teamwork. Your dreams for the company have to be big enough to encompass the dreams of the people in your organization. If they are not, then your people are wasting their time working for you. This leaves you with two intelligent options. Either fire them and hire people with smaller dreams, or enlarge your dreams to provide plenty of room for the dreams of your people.

Have you ever worked for someone who wanted to know your dreams and wanted to help you achieve them? Someone who provided you with advice, contacts or resources to help turn your dreams into reality? Probably not, and chances are, your people have never worked for a leader of this magnitude either. Congratulations! You will be the first. This will raise you up as a leader, lifting you to a new level. You are the rising tide and one thing you must now about a tide is that, a rising tide raises all boats. Everyone wins.

I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills and talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable. ― John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.

Learn New Techniques for Managing Themselves in Time

Talking through what you do with a coach will raise your level of awareness around how you are using your time. Notice I said how you are using your time not how your time is using you. The term Time management was started by sissies. It was started by and for insecure people with low levels of self-esteem and very little self-confidence. People who were too weak to take full responsibility for themselves. Time management is for people looking for something to blame for low activity levels, substandard performance and unsatisfactory results.

The reality is that time management is non-existent, it is impossible to manage time. Time does what it wants to, with or without you. Nobody can control time. It’s a force of nature that does not bend to your needs. You can’t save it for later, and it will not wait for you. You must manage yourself in time, you must manage yourself inside of space and time. As a leader, one facet of managing yourself in time is task management. I will introduce you to my E4ortless Task Management System that will support you in managing yourself in time.

A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers that underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. However, a second group was provided coaching following the training process and their productivity increased by 88%. Research does demonstrate that one-on-one executive coaching is of value. ~ F. Turner Ph.D

Expand Interpersonal Skills and Influence

The largest room on planet earth is the room for personal and professional growth. The room for growth of potential is a room without borders, there are no limits to human potential, except the ones that are self-imposed. Apart from where you think you are as a leader, there is always another reality that represents where you could be as a leader. You can always be more. The stronger your connections are with your people, the more powerful your influence can be and as my mentor John Maxwell says; Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. A coach can give an honest assessment of where you’re at and which directions of growth would be most beneficial to strengthen your influence as a leader.

Employers are shocked at how high their ROI numbers are for coaching. A large employer in the hospitality industry saved between $30 million and $60 million by coaching its top 200 executives. ~ Accenture


Foster Discussions on Fresh Ideas and the New Directions They Could Reveal

Most of the time your greatest inside edge will come from someone on the outside edge. There are times when it makes sense to communicate and collaborate with someone who is detached from your environment because their thinking has not been biased or shaped by your organizations culture or current conditions. Your feedback comes from a totally fresh perspective and it’s one that you need to hear versus one that you want to hear, which is often what you get from constituents and colleagues. A constituent is one small part of the greater whole. Someone who works with you or for you. A colleague is a fellow member of your profession, could be someone from a peer group. A coach is far removed from both of those definitions and therefore can provide a wealth of insight and a unique viewpoint on your ideas.

They tell you the truth when no one else will. ~ Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

Get Clean Insight and Unbiased Perspective from An Outsider Looking In

It’s impossible to see the whole forest when you’re standing in the middle of it. An experienced third party listener and observer is poised to make unique contributions. By having fresh eyes and fresh ears to look at, and listen to your ideas, your motives and your desires. A great executive coach can influence a candid assessment of your position on principles and policies that may provide new insights to interoffice environmental challenges.

Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quota meetings. ~ Investor’s Business Daily

Magnify and Amplify the Leader’s Vision

Ever have a time when you had a great idea, but there was a bit of a struggle in formulating your thoughts into the desired representation of your idea? Maybe there is a disconnect somewhere that could be the adhesive that binds it all together, or the catalyst that puts it into action. I know because it happens to me from time to time. I have spent countless stubborn hours moving things around in my mind, and on paper, attempting to get them just the way I want them. Through effective, reflective listening, a good executive coach can help you achieve the desired mental construct of your idea and help you polish it up with some finishing touches.

Personal coaches are a hot commodity among executives these days. Never mind the mansion, the Mercedes, the membership in the exclusive country club. In corporate America, today, the sign that you have truly arrived ― or at least that you are being groomed for arrival ― is an executive coach. Your own personal coach, that is. ~ Training Magazine

A Safe Trustworthy Verbal Ventilation Duct

Everyone experiences ups and downs, periods of frustrations and interoffice dismay. However, it’s wise to apply special consideration before deciding where, when and with whom you chose to vent.

By plugging into a safe and secure verbal ventilation duct, outside your sphere of organizational influence, you avoid jeopardizing your current quality and quantity of leadership influence. You avoid the potential shrinkage of organizational support or being put into an unfavorable light at your workplace.

It’s the leader’s responsibility to set the tone for the environment, and the proper tone is critical. You want to maintain as much harmony as possible. Venting at the office typically does more harm than good. If you ever owned fish than you know that when the fish are sick, you don’t treat the fish, you treat the water. In your organization the water is management and leadership. You want to keep the water in your organizational tank, clean and fresh at all costs. Few things can muddy the water like venting.

Many of the World's most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the US is estimated at roughly $1 Billion Dollars. ~ Harvard Business Review

Discover, Uncover and Eliminate Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots and a coach can help you see those spots and reveal what they have been hiding. As I eluded to earlier, an experienced coach unrelated to the organization is in a unique position to provide valuable insight, new ideas and fresh viewpoints. Placing yourself into a coaching environment gives you a great vantage point and it’s by far one of the most powerful advantages of executive coaching. To have someone you can trust with confidence that can effectively listen and help you identify and address challenges.

Recent studies prove business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization ~ HR Monthly

Reduce Stress and Experience More Joy Through the Day

Stress is caused by many unsuspected things such lack of BRAC (Basic rest activity cycles), systems and schedules that are too rigid as well as environmental factors that can affect the entire organization like a disease. Stressors are the biggest distractions to creating high impact individuals and organizations. An executive coach can offer tools and techniques that help manage and even eliminate many unnecessary stressors.

Also, some terrific food for thought is that nothing can be seen as a cause of stress unless it is perceived as a cause of stress. To put a finer point on it, nothing, nor anyone can become a point of stress until you perceive it as such. In essence, it’s through the process of perception that you actually create the stress. Nobody or anything can attach stress to you. Only you can attach a stress label to people, places and things. If you change your perception you can take away the power of anything to affect you in a negative fashion.

It’s not what is said or what happens that stresses you out, it’s what you say to yourself afterword’s about what someone says, or what happens, that determines whether stress is created or not. Notice I said created rather than imposed. Nobody can impose stress on us, we create it in the way we chose to respond mentally and emotionally based off our self-talk. Nobody else is pushing your buttons, your self-talk is pushing all the buttons for you. Self-talk is a pattern of thinking that occurs automatically at the subconscious level. New patterns of thought can reduce or eliminate stressors and stomp them into the dirt where they belong.

Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted adviser to help reach their goals. ~ CNN.com



I am a life coach and an executive coach. I have been professionally trained to facilitate progress in all aspects of life and livelihood. This makes complete sense because there are times when people take the issues of the work day home with them, and there are times when people take issues at home to work with them. If something is bugging you, or pestering your thoughts at home it can affect your work and vice-versa. Keeping that in mind, let me say there are sessions where clients would rather spend our time together, shinning the light of progress on their business goals. On the flipside, there are times when clients feel our time together needs to be spent on personal goals or things of a personal nature. It’s your time and how you decide to use your coaching session is completely up to you.

Are you ready and committed to give yourself the next step on the road to a life filled with more success, more joy, more satisfaction, and more profits?

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