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The world court has ruled that Daniel Gleed’s coaching services could turbo charge your life and your success. Daniel Gleed and Success YOUniversity cannot be held liable for excessive personal fulfillment, cases of extreme magnetic charisma or exploding bank accounts.

Together We Co-Create Your Future

If you can imagine what having your own personal fitness trainer can do for your body and your health, then you can imagine what a success coach can do for the other areas of your life.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s not going to happen. Life does not improve by luck and you certainly will not experience instant long term change for the better, simply by sheer chance. Life only gets better by change.

Your outer world as you see it, is a mirror image of the world inside your head, your heart and every cell in your body. Therefore, if you want to change the way your outside world looks than you must change the way the inside world looks. Getting something different out of life requires a difference in thinking and a difference in behaviors. It requires the formation of new attitudes and new beliefs that will facilitate new habits. Having the courage to change just a few things can change everything.

A very self-aware person is one who can resonate with Rumi’s sage advice. Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. During the coaching process, you and I mix our emotional, soulful and intellectual resources together to co-create the SOULution you have been seeking.

Together we co-create your future. New beginnings, new pathways, new departures from previous ways, into fresh new ways of thinking. Fresh new ways of responding to life through your attitudes, decisions and actions. Often the client expects the coach to tell them what to do. However in reality, it’s the synergy in the relationship between coach and client that co-creates an environment which promotes opportunity and change.

The largest gathering of regret is found in graveyards around the world. In these places, you will find dream vacations that were never fulfilled and inventions that never got invented. You will find great ideas that never got to see the light of day. Dreams perused but never materialized and dreams that were never even perused. You will find all sorts of hopes and aspirations that were never experienced. The big question here is, are you going to take all your dreams and your untapped potential to the grave or are you going to take-action?

The two biggest questions to ask yourself right now are, what are you going to do? And when are you going to do it? Your mind, your talent, your potential and your life are God’s gift to you. What you do with your mind, your talent, your potential and your life is your gift to God. How’s it going? What is driving you? What is holding you back?

Success isn’t a big thing, it’s a cluster of little things that you do every day consistently over time, long enough to produce results. The little things that form the cluster will vary depending on desired outcomes. The little things are the ingredients that form the recipe for your success. If you know what you want to make, we can assemble and/or co-create the ingredients needed to form the recipe you desire.

Life Coaching Is Customized, Personal, Private and Powerful

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. ~ Michelangelo

Stephen Covey said that to touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground, and that is why I do what I do. Touching people in a positive way that moves them to see, and desire a higher vision of themselves. To witness them taking-action, experiencing fulfillment, and making a lasting impact in their life is what coaching is all about.

Life coaching is customized, personal, private and powerful. It’s introducing people to a part of themselves that they have never met before. It’s for people who want to start living every day on purpose. Those who are already on their way to living a life by design, or those just getting started that need help developing a personalized path.

Life is like money; Where you spend it, how you spend it and who you spend it with is your choice. Your free to spend it as you like, but you only get to spend it once. Private coaching is for people who are ready to spend a little bit of their life and a portion of their money on an investment into their most important asset. Themselves! They are ready for lasting change.

A coach helps you deal with all your current challenges, in the most critical areas of your life. One-on-One coaching helps you discover, awaken and connect with all of your dreams. It helps you to turn up your passion and empowers you to bring about the desired change that you’ve been craving so that you can realize the highest possible vision of yourself.


With Complete Ownership of Responsibility Comes the Power of Possibility

Life coaching is not about me bombarding you with philosophies, personal opinions or imposing on you the instructions for how your life should be lived. Life coaching is about providing the proper framework that will facilitate your own introspection. I encourage my clients to take a deep dive into their own selves by taking up a position as a third-party observer. Looking at themselves from the outside-in. By doing that, I can aid them in becoming crystal clear on where they are at, and encourage them to take complete ownership of their current place in life. With complete ownership of responsibility comes the power of possibility.

Acknowledging and owning the power that you inherit through accepting full and complete responsibility is what enables you to harness that same power and direct it on your own behalf. Now you can use it to design and create a future that moves you toward your ultimate goals.

Coaching raises awareness. Awareness reveals more choices in life. Seeing more of your choices helps uncover more of your ability to achieve, and the opportunity to be flexible. With the new awareness of more choices, and wisely exercising your power to choose what is best for you, previously unreachable goals become achievable.

Coaching places a focused emphasis on action, accountability, and follow-through. Coaching rarely looks to the past. It is primarily future focused, forward motion that supports personal and professional, growth and development that is based on an individually-initiated desire for permanent change.


The Kaleidoscope of Your Mind

I take a kaleidoscope approach to life. The most exciting part of the kaleidoscope is the object cylinder or area within, that contains all the colorful objects that can be viewed. When I gaze into the kaleidoscope I see lots of colorful objects that form a pattern. As I turn the kaleidoscope all the colored objects inside begin shifting. As I continue the movement, objects continue to shift and patterns continue to change. If I see a pattern I do not like I can shift the objects and form a new pattern.

This is a great metaphor for life. What we see with our eyes-only accounts for about 4% of our vision. The other 96% is assembled in the kaleidoscope of our mind using information from our memories and other senses. All the elements that make up what you actually-see are analogous to all the objects in the object cylinder of the kaleidoscope.

If you look-into the kaleidoscope of your mind and you don’t like the pattern you see, all you need to do is shift the objects to create a new pattern. If your desired pattern cannot be assembled using the existing objects, then you will want to add some new objects. The objects of life are made of our memories from past experiences. And the patterns we see are the outcomes in our life that have resulted from the choices we’ve made in response to events in our life.

There is one critical piece that we have not mentioned yet. It’s called…light. The only way to clearly see and fully appreciate the beautiful objects and patterns inside a kaleidoscope is to hold it up to bright light. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the objects are if you’re looking at them in the dark or in a light that is not adequate. The quality of the objects and the patterns they form is affected by the quality of the light. If the lighting in your mind’s eye is shaded, dim, effected by blind spots, or insufficient in any way, you may not be able to see the objects, or the patterns clearly.

Think of a coach as your own personal light. One that can illuminate the kaleidoscope of your mind by flooding it with natural organic light. A light that brings clarity and understanding of what you are seeing, or what you may not be seeing.

Every minute of every day, change is constant. Things are constantly shifting and new patterns are emerging. New content, new context, new combinations. Every day the people most familiar with each other, even in the same household are experiencing new relations with one another due to changes at work, events of life, connections with new people and other dynamics that are constantly brining change.

As the world turns, I’m evolving on the inside. Others are evolving on the inside, and the world is evolving on the outside. How I see and interact with others and with my outside world continues to change. That’s why I love the kaleidoscope analogy. You bring your kaleidoscope and I’ll bring my light and together we can make something awesome.

Through my innovative coaching process, you will come to know and love yourself even more. Resolve your own personal history and learn how to effectively manage your mind through the shifting of objects and the creation of new patterns. You will experience changes in the way you view yourself and the way you understand yourself. You will experience a life with higher levels of enthusiastic energy, passion and a conviction that you deserve to have it all. And you’re going to get it!



There are many reasons why people hire a life coach. These are just 6 of the very common reasons.

Live A Life of Greater Satisfaction

They believe in maximizing fulfillment in all areas of life including mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Weather they are working or playing, they intend to receive, and expect to feel a sense of fulfillment, or what I like to call fulfeelment. With every client, I make fulfillment a top priority. One of the biggest reasons people hire a coach is for help in co-creating the life they are currently dreaming to live.

Mixed Emotions and Effects of a Painful Event

Personal Injury, passed up for a promotion, loss of a loved one, job loss, going through divorce or relocating. These are just a few of the many painful life events that cause stress, anxiety, fear, and other unhealthy emotions. They can feel suffocating, and you need someone to breathe some fresh air into you. Someone to help you process your emotions and re-connect with peace and harmony in your mind, your heart and your soul.

I will provide a peaceful and trusting place for you to safely and freely grieve and work through challenges. Allowing your feelings to be processed now, releases things that if kept suppressed inside could cause much more despair later. Most of us would rather suppress necessary steps to healing. Pushing things down beneath the surface rather than dealing with them causes people to feel like they are trying to push a beach ball down under the water and hold it there while it keeps trying resurface. This can be exhausting. It’s the same with sadness, if you try to suppress it and hold it down beneath the surface it can keep sneaking up on you out of the blue, or it will just fester and manifest into more serious unwanted effects.

Tony Robbins sums it up best. He says The secret to success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.

Develop A Clear Vision of Wants

When Walt Disney had its grand opening, Walt had already passed away. However, his brother was there and one of the reporters approached him saying, this must be a bitter sweet moment for you. Waltz brother asked, why?

Because your brother Walt is not here to see it, said the reporter. The response from Walt’s brother was profound. He said; young man, that is why you are only a reporter of the news and not a creator of the news. You see, Walt already saw it and that is the only reason you are seeing it today! WOW!

If your vision is not clear, your goals will not be clear, your path will not be clear and you will fall short of your desire. A clear vision stems from a clear purpose. We must make choices in life or life will make choices for us. As you evolve and life evolves with you, it is often essential to reflect on your choices to see if they too must evolve. What was most important to you last year may not be as important this year. We must keep updating our priorities. Our energy goes where our attention goes and devoting too much time making sense of a cloudy game plan is a huge waste of precious energy. Clarity is power and being clear on your plan will free up excess energy that you can redirect.

Align Patterns of Thought and Behavior with Purpose

Sometimes patterns of thought and behavior are just not supporting our goals. We know what we want but we keep making self-defeating choices that are born out of habits that do not serve our greater good, habits created out of lack programming. This effects our level of commitment and drops it to more of a passive involvement and there is a huge difference between being involved and being committed. Downgrading our efforts from committed to involved is what brings down our attitude and depletes the drive we need to reach our dreams.

I will teach you how the brain works and how you can create new habits. People think habits can be changed through will power and that is a fallacy. Will power is why gyms are packed in January and become ghost towns by March. Will power is weak, will power lives at the conscious level and habits are created and live at the subconscious level.

If you imagine an ice berg with the tip sticking out of the water, the tip above the water line is your conscious mind and the huge remaining portion beneath the surface is your subconscious mind. Let’s say the tip is 10% of the iceberg and the remaining portion beneath the surface is 90%. Will power is found in the 10% and habit is firmly rooted in the 90%. That is why, in the battle between will power and habit, will power always loses. I can teach you how to create new habits and thus new patterns of behavior that produce higher levels of commitment and desired results.

Next time you look at a plate of eggs and bacon. Put your eyes on the eggs first and understand that the chicken was involved. Then see the bacon and conclude that the pig was committed. When you’re interested or involved, you do what’s convenient and comfortable for you but when you’re committed, you stretch yourself and do whatever it takes.

With new habits and stronger more favorable patterns of behavior your drive and commitment are renewed. Together we will co-create new habits, clear out mental blocks and energize you to reach levels of personal commitment and growth that have been waiting for you.


Add Power to Their Personal Foundation

One common denominator among every person who makes the decision to hire a coach is that they all want more out of life than they are currently getting. They know that it’s going to require making some changes in their life, personally and maybe even professionally. It’s important to know that lasting change takes consistent incremental efforts over time, long enough to produce the desired results. Many times, change requires raising the bar in life, raising standards, taking a close look at the people you associate with. Re-evaluating what you are willing to tolerate, and establishing new boundaries. Often times it’s necessary to suspend or terminate relationships that are holding you back, relationships that are not serving you, your goals or your dreams.

Added Accountability

Accountability accelerates your performance. When you gain an energizing connection with a coach, you can tweak and polish your plan together and create a streamlined targeted strategy for your next victory. You can execute with supreme confidence, knowing you have been guided by the wisdom of an experienced coach.

Accountability is the obligation of an individual to account for his or her activities and accept responsibility for them. To disclose and be answerable for the results in a transparent manner. Accountability helps you measure you accurately measure progress and experience more success.

You can expect me to hold you accountable throughout the coaching process. By giving me permission to hold you accountable you must evaluate your reasons and face your excuses. The more transparent you are with me the more transparent you are with yourself. The process will lovingly bring you face to face with anything and everything you need help with. The process will wrestle with you and show you what your made of, and how you can be more, do more, have more and contribute more to your life and the lives of those around you.

When you give me your money, one of the things you are paying me to do is hold you accountable when you commit to the course of actions you intend to take. Knowing that you will be reporting your progress at the following meeting creates a challenge for you because you want to avoid the tension caused by the thought of showing your face at the next session if you haven’t kept your promise.

Follow through is critical and any ethical coach will release a client who consistently fails to follow through. You must be coachable for coaching to work, I can’t create your success, it must be co-created which means it takes both client and coach. Therefore, part of being coachable is responding positively to accountability, thereby creating space for feedback to benefit further strategies. Accountability also keeps you engaged at a higher level and when your engaged at higher levels it’s important to have a third-party observer that can spot unintended, unconscious changes in course. Subtle shifts at high speeds can put you off course quickly.

When NASA launches a rocket into space there are people in the command center in Houston watching the rocket navigate its course and they help spot the need for corrections and adjustments. They also help make those corrections and adjustments as they are needed. A good coach is similar to the Houston command center because they help keep you on course.

Lack of accountability interrupts the coaching cycle and the cycle of success. Having said that, you can see that the two major components of coaching are the coaching sessions themselves and the other component which is just as important is what you do between coaching sessions. If there is no effort between sessions, then the sessions themselves are a waste of time. This is why one of the major obstacles frequently standing between a client and their success is their accountability to the coach.

Deeper Convictions of Self-Confidence

A self-confident person is optimistic, rises up to meet new challenges, looks for and seizes new rightly aligned opportunities. They are problems solvers and work well under pressure and they take full responsibility for progress, hiccups and outcomes.

Confidence is in the top tier of the most important aspects of life. Confidence is paramount to your success in life and in business. No matter how great your skill sets and your natural talent, there’s only one way to obtain, maintain and sustain lasting success. Through planned goal oriented execution of consistent incremental actions in a confident manner knowing that every action is a beneficial action because it sends you feedback. The feedback from actions is what guides the most effective progression of every future action. The ability to more calculated risk and bigger actions comes from higher levels of confidence in yourself and in others.

The subjective confidence we have in our decision-making, and that of others, has far-reaching consequences. Some of which can extend out across a life span. The ability to evaluate yourself positively rather than negatively, is an excellent indicator of mental health and emotional well-being. When talking about the internal state or condition of a client’s being, I’m referring to the mental and emotional pathways as the inner-states.

Holes in self-confidence can become vacuums for procrastination, the only way to fill the hole with confidence is to consistently take incremental actions toward your goals. Every step forward in the face of your own resistance adds a little more self-confidence to that particular endeavor.

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One of the reasons there is a booming demand for life coaching is because a world that use to be mildly complicated is now moving much faster and become far more complex. The speed at which things are moving and evolving makes it much more challenging to navigate various areas of life and predict what might happen next. As you can imagine, these rising levels of unpredictability create a need for people to nurture higher levels of awareness and become faster and more effective at responding to changes in their personal and interpersonal environments as well as the world around them. Regardless of all the hustle and bustle, people still want a life that is balanced, or at least harmonious, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Would you ask your friend who is an accountant, to rewire the electrical system in your home? Would you ask a family member who has only flown a fifteen-inch-long remote control airplane, to teach you how to fly a real-life, size airplane? Do you ask for financial advice from broke people? Of course not. If you want to gain specialized knowledge, and experience personal growth in a particular-area of your life you would be wise to seek professional guidance from someone who is a recognized expert in that particular-area. Life coaches are experienced; they are trained experts. This is another big reason why life coaching has become so popular.

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White collar, blue collar and no collar, people from all walks of life. Stay at home moms and dads, politicians, professionals, athletes, Olympic contenders, Olympic champions, Entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, actors, musicians, Inventors, Product developers, managers, small business owners, and start-ups. They have all achieved their goals and dreams with the help of a life coach. There is always a gap between current reality and the place we long to be in the future. A life coach is the perfect partner to stand in the gap with you and guide you across the great divide. They are the right choice to help you figure out the best way to close that gap and turn your desires into a life that you can live to the fullest.

Do You Spend More on The Outside of Your Head or The Inside of Your Head?

On average, we spend about a thousand dollars a year on the outside of our head. If your spending less than that on the inside of your head than something is wrong. We spend money on shampoo and conditioner, we spend money on haircuts, we spend money to perm our hair, we spend money to straighten our hair, we spend money on hats, combs, brushes, eye liner, foundation, make-up, lip stick, shavers, and mustache wax.

We spend money on all these things and more for the outside of our head. Yet when you ask someone to spend money on the inside of their head, suddenly they think their head is not worth it. This is a serious problem. Like Zig Ziglar always said, if you spend enough money on the neck up, you will never have to worry about the neck down. He wasn’t talking about the outside of your head; he was talking about the inside of your head.

People spend money every month on a gym membership to make their body look good, but what about the mind? It’s like owning a car, why would you spend your hard-earned money to repair and enhance the body to make it look great if you’re not going to take care of the engine. Next time you get a chance, drive by a salvage yard for junked out automobiles and see how many beautiful cars are sitting in the junk yard because someone cared more about the body then they did the engine.

Our mind is the engine to our body and if we don’t take care it then it’s pointless to take care of our body. Nice bodies don’t make your house payment; nice bodies don’t create ideas that make the world a better place. A nice body is nice but it will never make your dreams come true. But if you take care of your mind and you take care of your body, you have an unstoppable combination that has the potential to go anywhere and do anything that you can conceive and believe to be possible. The sky does not even come close to being the limit, it’s just the beginning.

As humans we all spend money on things that make us feel good such as

  • Going to the beauty nail salon
  • Sports Events
  • A relaxing massage
  • Concerts
  • Golf
  • Dining out
  • Hobbies
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Gym membership
  • Shopping Sprees
  • Movies
  • Theme parks

These frivolous expenses make us feel good temporarily, but soon fade into distant memories that are forced into the far corners of our mind by all the other demands of daily living. All the things in life that have concerned you, things you worry about, the problems and stress you had before spending money on a little well deserved fun are still there after the costly good times are over. Then we are left to face business as usual, back to the norm.

All that money spent, can bring you tiny blocks of temporary relief, but Life Coaching is an investment that can offer you total relief and lasting positive changes that reduce or eliminate mind clutter and unhealthy emotional garbage. The coaching process removes blockages of the inner pathways and restores a healthy flow of positive energy circulating through your mind and your body.

Creating new habits also creates new behaviors and new patterns of thinking that allow new and greater levels of happiness to become the new norm, a new attitude. The new program that continues to run on auto pilot without a babysitter. You have two options, you can continue to spend money on tiny short term momentary blocks of pleasure, or you can take some of that money and invest it in giving yourself a permanent upgrade in your quality of life. It’s an investment you can’t afford to miss. Be more, do more, have more and contribute more to yourself and the people around you.



To reiterate what I’ve said in other sections of this page, coaching is much different from therapy or consulting. Therapy drills down into various issues that are primarily dealing with the past. Time spent with a consultant largely consists of you listening to them diagnose and give you their perception of the answers. Coaching time is action-oriented and is spent focused on the here and now as well as the future.

There is no power in the past, all your power is in the present. Proper coaching enables clients to determine their own answers via the interplay that takes place during the coaching process. Together during our coaching sessions, clients identify what is most important to them, and the process helps them align what they will think, what they will say and what they will do, accordingly.

The coaching process is built around what you personally desire and supports you in achieving a life that you really want, and one that you truly love. Having a life that you love starts with a clarification of values, and the establishment of guiding principles that enable more meaningful choices and the most appropriate actions. The process is a means for harmony, balance, energy, joy, and prosperity through focused actions in all areas of your life.

My private coaching sessions are exclusively focused on supporting clients who have a strong inner desire to make lasting positive change in their life. Clients who are committed to working through whatever challenges they are facing. Accelerating towards peak performance, clearing blocks, discovering blind spots, uncovering more of their potential, amplifying their greatness, gaining higher levels of awareness about, and deeper insight into themselves. Harvard University research has proven that people increase their chances of successfully achieving their goals by 85% if they employ accountability measures. All the great benefits of coaching are worth their weight in platinum.

Call to Action

Coaching is like drivers training. I educate, equip, empower and enable you to drive your own vehicle. Then I get into the vehicle with you. I sit with you to provide encouragement guidance and support. Your life is the vehicle and you are the driver. It’s up to you to get in and turn the key, you start the engine and accelerate to the speed you wish to travel. You decide how fast you want to go and how soon you want to reach your destination.

New Journeys bring power and love back into you, if you can’t go somewhere, move into the passageways of the self. They are like shafts of light, and you change when you explore them. ~ Rumi

Choose the Package That Best Suits Your Needs.

My schedule often books up months in advance.

The Ruby Package

6 weeks of focused energy, pointed at getting past a road block or a mental, emotional traffic jam.

$999 or two payments of $599 each.

If you are at a place in life that is leaving you with a feeling of being stagnant or stuck, and your serious about breaking the chains and unleashing some good feelings of forward momentum. Then this is the package for you. Six coaching calls provides a sufficient amount of time to meet some important goals.

Even if you’re not sure where to begin, you just feel the need to answer a call from inside you that is yearning for change. This package gives us ample time to identify some core opportunities for growth and or change, and co-create some strong breakthrough strategies to get you well on your way to more joy, peace, harmony and success within yourself.

This plan option is right for you if…

  • You feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back, or you feel like the wheels are turning but you’re not moving, or you’re not moving as fast as you would like too.
  • You keep hitting the same roadblocks or various roadblocks that are holding you back and you want to get past them and move forward as soon as possible.
  • You need some help establishing a game plan or revising your existing blueprint for success in your life and/or your business.

What’s included?

Six 30-minute life coaching sessions via phone or skype. One session per week for six weeks. Based your needs, there may come a time when you feel like you need to combine two 30 minute sessions into a single one hour session in order to tackle a pressing issue or to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. That is perfectly fine, it’s your time. I can accommodate you on the spot if my calendar permits or we can schedule the back to back sessions in advance.

  • Totally free express lane email support. Up to two emails each week for the entire coaching session time line.
  • One free autographed copy of my best in class book. Success Leaves Clues: Standing on The Shoulders of The World’s Greatest Thought Leaders. Click Here for Amazon Review
  • Sessions valid for 2 months from date of booking.

Provided you are honoring the principles and guidelines of the coach, client relationship, you may add up to 2 Additional Bonus Sessions for $600.

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The Emerald Package

3 months of focused energy, pointed directly and a specific compelling goal or significant life change.

$1999 or 2 payments of $1100 each.

This is the most popular package.

Your chasing a dream, going for a goal or attempting a change. Distractions and detractors keep showing up and stalling your efforts. You are experiencing thoughts and emotions that make you think and feel like you could make more focused and lasting progress if you had some professional coaching guidance to support you?

The most efficient way to devour an elephant is one bite at a time. Together we will chunk down your dream or your goal into a plan made up of strategized, manageable steps that will become the tracks for our train of thoughts to run on. Stepping stones for our actions. Milestones to celebrate and It will include a timeline that will get you to your destination as planned.

This plan option is right for you if

  • Your ready to experience a significant shift in your life and you are past the procrastination stage and are serious about committing yourself to whatever it takes to see and feel the change.
  • Now that you know you want to take-action and get results, you’re not sure if you want to do it alone. You would feel better with a professional coach to give you guidance and support. One with experience and a lot of coaching tools in his tool box.

What’s included?

Twelve 30-minute life coaching sessions via phone or skype. One session per week for twelve weeks. Based your needs, there may come a time when you feel like you need to combine two 30 minute sessions into a single one hour session in order to tackle a pressing issue or to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. That is perfectly fine, it’s your time. I can accommodate you on the spot if my calendar permits or we can schedule the back to back sessions in advance.

  • One session per week for twelve weeks. Based your needs there may be a need to combine sessions on occasion.
  • Free priority email support. Up to 3 emails per week, for the duration of the coaching sessions.
  • Two free autographed copies of my best in class book. Success Leaves Clues: Standing on The Shoulders of The World’s Greatest Thought Leaders. Click Here for Amazon Review
  • Sessions valid for 3 months from the date of booking.

Provided you are honoring the principles and guidelines of the coach, client relationship, you may add up to 2 Additional Bonus Sessions for $600.

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The Diamond Package

The Ultimate VIP Package

6 months – Transformational Total Makeover Coaching

Note: I only take 4 clients per six-month period on this package, please contact me to check availability

$3744 Full Pay or 3 payments of $1400

Are you ready for a life and/or business makeover? Are you ready for big changes? Maybe you want something that is a complete departure from where you’re at, or just a complete remodel of your existing place in life.

With the thought of making big changes in life comes a little resistance. Fear and doubt start raising their ugly heads because your subconscious mind wants you to stay in your comfort zone and remain conformed to the picture of your current life that it has been programmed to maintain on your behalf.

The process of making big changes can often create a tug-of-war inside of you because at a conscious level you want the change, but the subconscious wants to stay the same. The subconscious will continue to hold its ground until you convince it that you are serious about your new vision for the future and you’re not settling for anything less. There are millions of people who have lost this tug-of-war because they didn’t have someone with experience on their side to help them win the battle.

You’ve heard the ole adage, if you can’t beat-them, you might as well join-them. That is not always the best approach in life but in the case of your subconscious mind it’s exactly the attitude we want your subconscious to have. The good news is that once we convince your subconscious mind you’re not backing down, there comes a point where it accepts your desire for change. It accepts the new image of change you have been holding in your conscious mind as the desired program, and it gives itself a software update. Tug-of-war is over, now the conscious and the subconscious are both on the same team and you have just become unstoppable. That is the greatest feeling in the world and it’s worth fighting for.

Lasting change only happens from the inside out. Once we win the inner game, the outer game is yours to mold and shape into whatever you desire. Every aspect of who you are, begins to resonate with who you were meant to be and the more progress you make the more harmony you feel with yourself.

This is a journey that is best made with a trusted coach that knows the process, until you get your wings and you’re ready to soar on your own. The biggest challenges take the most time to achieve which is why this program is the longest.

This plan option is right for you if…

  • The inner desire for change that is nudging you for help has went from a longing or a yearning to a stronger sense of urgency to breakout, or break free into a whole new, greater level of fulfillment.
  • A life with more purpose and passion is calling and you’re ready to answer the call. You have big dreams and you ready to take big actions and make big commitments.

What’s included?

Eighteen 45-minute life coaching sessions via phone or skype. Three sessions per month. Based your needs, there may come a time when you feel like you need to combine two 30 minute sessions into a single one hour session in order to tackle a pressing issue or to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. That is perfectly fine, it’s your time. I can accommodate you on the spot if my calendar permits or we can schedule the back to back sessions in advance.

  • Free priority email support. Up to 6 emails per week, for the duration of the coaching sessions.
  • Three free autographed copies of my best in class book. Success Leaves Clues: Standing on The Shoulders of The World’s Greatest Thought Leaders. Click Here for Amazon Review
  • Sessions valid for 6 months from the date of booking.

Provided you are honoring the principles and guidelines of the coach, client relationship, you May add up to 2 Additional Bonus Sessions for $700.

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The Cubic Zirconia Package

Single Session $450
Upgrade to a Series of 3 Sessions for $1200 (Save $150.00)

I rarely work with clients for just one session as I need longer than that to really understand you and help you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for.

However, if you do insist on one session, I will do what I can to help in such a limited time.

Best suited for people who want help in removing a fear or doing some intense core value work.

What package fits you the best?

Are you ready to upgrade your life and your success?

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