Impossible Is Not One Word! It Is Actually Three Words

Why Do 90% Of The Letters in The Word Impossible, Spell The Word Possible?

Anything is possible and everything is impossible ………… WAIT A MINUTE!!! How can everything be possible and impossible at the same time? Are you ready to break thru to new levels? Everything is possible and impossible at the same time because they are one in the same! Two seemingly different words that are both communicating the same meaning.

You are going to experience a shift in your thinking right now that will change the way you think today, tomorrow and every day for as long-as you live. Do you know the difference between can’t and can? The only difference is the letter “T” which stands for your thinking. If you look closely at the word thinking you will see that it is two words thin and king.

Your thinking is either on the thin side or you think like a king, so how is it going? How is your “T” doing?

Scientists have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, that darkness is a fallacy. Darkness does not exist, but only varying degrees of light. And the scientific discovery most important to this segment is that weakness in the realm of human potential is also an utter fallacy. It is nonexistent There are only varying degrees of strength. Forget the word weakness, always think in terms of strength. When someone asks you, what is your biggest weakness, they are asking you for your smallest strength.

Staying inside the vein of personal growth and human potential, let me shine the spot light on what is perhaps the biggest misconception in our lives. There is no such thing as impossible. There is only possible. From now on I want you to think of possible and impossible as the same thing. Everything is possible and impossible at the same time, in the same moment because they are the same thing. If you look closely at the word impossible you will see that it is an affirmational embedded command.

An example of an embedded command is; can you tell me what you need before you will authorize an agreement between us. It looks like a question but it is an embedded command. If you remove the words can you, what you have left is the command – Tell me what you need before you will authorize an agreement between us. We dress it up to give it the appearance of a question, as not to offend the conscious mind or alert it to the reality that we are delivering a command to the subconscious mind.

Now, let’s look again at the word impossible. I want you to write it down and look at it. Within the word impossible, you see the word possible. If the impossible is not possible then why do 90% of the letters in the word impossible, spell the word possible?

The answer is that it is an embedded command!

From now on you look at the word impossible like this. Impossible is not one word! It is three words. I-m-possible or I am possible. The embedded command within the word impossible is I am Possible! And that is the way you will read the word impossible for the rest of your life.



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