Set Your Worries Free

The More Time You Spend Revisiting the Same Thought the More Power You Give It

My experience from talking to people and listing to the conversations of others brought me to a conclusion that I later discovered was backed by research. One of the largest commonalities that much of the human populace shares, is a totally habitual mind trap that we too often get caught up in. It’s the harmfully toxic habit of worrying. Leo Buscaglia has stated that worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.

I also discovered that worry is directly related to the lack of belief in faith. Faith only works for you, if you if you fully believe in it. The smaller your faith, the greater your worries. If you worry too much, then more faith is just what the doctor ordered. Faith is a knowledge within the heart that is beyond the reach of proof. You may say you have faith in the infinite power of God’s universe, but do you still worry after asking for help? If so, then the message you are conveying is that you don’t trust in the power you proclaim to believe in. Your level of faith is measured by your level of applied trust. If you lack trust and your ability act on that trust, then you lack the ability to receive.

Another important consideration is, when you devote your time to worrying about something, you are also devoting a substantial amount of energy from your mind and your body. Focusing all this combined energy to the thing you worry about is like feeding a beast. It makes it bigger and stronger.

Giving your worries increased levels of attention is much like soil and water to a seed or a plant, you only help it to grow. The more time you spend revisiting a thought, the more energy you give it. Energy flows where attention goes. And the more energy you give it, the more power you give it. The more you think about what you don’t want, the greater your chances of getting more of what you don’t want.

Here Is the Key to Unlocking a Stress-Free Life

It’s your thinking. What you think about, comes about! Creation is constant in our lives; Manifestation is ongoing. The fruit garden of your mind is always growing things. Take time and responsibility for weeding your garden. Weeds have roots too, and they can entangle with the roots of your fruits, resulting in the strangulation and subsequent death of your crops. The question we must frequently ask ourselves is, what am I creating? When you give more attention and energy to the things you do want. You are simultaneously taking energy away from the things you don’t want. Without energy to feed on, the weeds, things you don’t want will essentially starve to death. Therefore, focusing on what you do want will reap a harvest that is far more beneficial to your health and your state of mind.

On a lighter note, you can always do what Mike the smart executive did. He hired a guy named Jerry to do all his worrying. One day he was telling his friend how great it was, not to worry about anything and how refreshing it was to be living a stress-free life. His friend thought that was an amazing idea so he asked, how much is Jerry charging you for this service? And Mike said, nine hundred dollars a month. Wow! How on planet earth are you going to afford that said the friend? Mike smiled and replied, lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about it. That is why I hired Jerry.

Worry often gives a small thing, a big shadow. ~ Swedish Proverb

Worry is a thin stream of fear, tickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained. ~ Arthur Somers Roche



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  1. Daniel Gleed on December 18, 2020 at 3:12 am

    Hi Jack
    Prayer – I thank God for my access to his infinite wisdom and my awesome imagination. I ask for ideas, I give thanks in advance for all the creativity about to take place.
    Meditate – To clear my head I will meditate for several minutes on nothing. I listen to my breathing and relax.
    Mind mapping – I also use mind mapping sometimes if I have a central idea I want to build on.
    Notes – I write thoughts and ideas down during the day as they come to me because if I don’t they will disappear into some dark abyss. At night I keep a pad or journal on my night stand so if I wake up with a thought in the night, I can jot it down before I go back to sleep.
    I hope this helps.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and much success and blessings to you.

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