Red Wine and Leadership

A Great Leader Never Over Pours the Wine of Wisdom

Every wine connoisseur and most people who drink wine know the following tip. After popping the aromatic cork on a bottle of your favorite red wine, you pour it into a proper wine glass and you give it time to relax and breathe before drinking. Allowing it to mix and mingle with the air mellows the wine and softens the flavor. The wine becomes less harsh and releases delightful aromas. Letting it breathe for thirty minutes makes it better.

Great wines get better with age, the same is true with great leaders who consistently invest in themselves from the neck up, they get better with age. The only significant difference between a great leader and a great bottle of wine is that great wines pop their cork and then they breathe for 30 minutes. Great leaders learn to breath for 30 minutes before popping their cork. After 30 minutes they no longer feel the need to pop their cork. They can slowly release the cork in a controlled manner and pour themselves out with wisdom and finesse, into someone else’s mind glass for them to sip and process a little at a time. A great leader never over pours the wine of wisdom. A certain amount of wine makes you feel good but too much of it in one sitting can make you sick. The same is true with the wine of wisdom poured out by a leader.



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