Giving 100% Is Holding You Back

We Are All Born Genius and Then We Are Dumbed Down by Generational Thinking

I recently read an article where the author was saying, it’s silly that we say to give life a 110% or it’s silly for someone to say they gave 150% when all we have to give is 100%.

What’s sad is that this guy has boxed himself in. And what is even more tragic is that he is educating other people to box themselves in. I’m here to tell you that the author of the article referenced above is un-intentionally giving out miss-information. Thus, how many people will read his article and put a cap on themselves?

The author of the article suffers from generational thinking, which carries with it something called lack programming, passed down from generation to generation. We all are affected by it to varying degrees, and I mean …… everyone! Some scientists say we are all born genius and then we are dumbed down by generational thinking.

My Mom is a great mom and she also suffers from lack programming caused from generational thinking. She raised in a religious family and reading the bible has always been how she started her day. She would get up early before everyone else and she would read, study and pray. She did this religiously. (no pun intended) She was the spiritual backbone of our family and over the years as I grew up she told me numerous times that per scripture it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it would be for a rich man to get into heaven. Money is bad, rich people are evil and it is spiritual to be poor.

It was not until about 6 years ago that I discovered that to be a load of camel poop. It was misunderstood interpretation of scripture. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of money, the problem comes in when you have more love for money than you do for God. With the love for money comes greed and selfishness and other undesirable character traits. The story was about misplaced love. God wants everyone to live a life of abundance, a life of prosperity.

WOW!!!! I finally learned that rich people CAN go to heaven. This was a major paradigm shift for me. It confirmed the inner doubts that I had regarding God and money, and verified what I always wanted to believe.

I tell you that so I can tell you this. Your 100% is your perception, that does not mean that it must be my perception. Your perceived 100% may be your personal best, that does not mean that it must be my personal best. And who said that 100% is all there is? Are we supposed to accept that as a boundary because someone who suffered from lack programming, labeled it, accepted it and passed it on, unknowingly crippling others by limiting their beliefs?

If my personal best is greater tomorrow than it is today, does that become my new 100%? Why can’t that be my 200% and why can’t we keep going as we get better, to 300%, 400%, 500%, a 1000% and beyond. Forget 100%, it is nothing more than a mislabeled, self-created boundary. We need to create a boarder-less mentality through personal development that will allow us to acknowledge our whole brain synchronicity and catapult our thinking to cranium cracking levels we never could have imagined.



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